Alyson’s Garden

The client:

Alyson has done some gardening in the past and wants to get a small vegetable garden going this year.  She has two young children who are excited about learning about nature and a nice yard for everyone to play and hang out.

The problem:

Alyson is not sure where to start and which plants grow well in Texas.  She wants to be successful with her garden and needs someone to work with her for encouragement and knowledge.  She also wants it to be simple to maintain and a pretty place to look at.

Before- The ground doesn't have any plants at all growing except weeds

After- Don't the plants look happy and ready to be successful?

The solution:

We found a great place in her yard for her garden and pulled all the weeds in the yard.  We also helped her set up a compost pile.  She spent about $125 in all for plants and supplies, and for our services.


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