Kimmie’s Declutter Project

Our client Kimmie has decided to do a 500 pound declutter project.  We know this will bless her life immensely.  So many times the things in your house are suffocating you and you might not even realize it.

Our philosophy is: make sure you know how much space something needs to take up in your house, and then keep that item within its limits.  Kimmie has a limit for her dressup clothes for her girls and it was overflowing.  So she sorted through them and got rid of the old, too-small, and torn clothes.

What is suffocating you today?  What is in your house that you have “just because” or “just in case” or “it’s too much to deal with”?

Call us and we will help you sort to keep the most precious and wonderful things in your house.

Read about Kimmie’s first day of her project here.

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