Molly’s Second Bookshelf

To learn more about Molly and her decluttering project, follow this link.


Originally this lovely Container Store shelf held a large stereo on the first above the books.  The stereo is no more, and the DVD player requires considerably less space.  But the movie box and the basket for remotes look out of place on the DVD player, and the steering wheels are out of control.  Where does that travel case for movies belong?  It needs to be with the other movies on this shelf, but where?  There is definitely room for improvement here.

Before- Molly's shelf doesn't need too much attention, but a little bit would be nice.

After- Everything is looking more happy and in its place.


Things are definitely looking better.  We cleared the top of the shelf and left a few carefully chosen items.  Then we added additional shelves, which resulted in a more efficient use of space and eliminated the cavernous uselessness above the DVD player.  We installed more boxes for movies, straightened the books, and found a more comfy place for the baby doll to sleep.  Molly wanted to delineate between the movies she owned and the movies she had borrowed from others, so she made a different space for borrowed movies.  Cost: $80 for shelves, $17 for boxes.

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