And the Winner is…

Before we tell you who among you are our very lucky winners, let us tell you exactly what it is that our winners will receive.  Should we draw the name of someone local, that winner would then schedule a day to have us come over and fully organize a closet or corner of your home.  Your win could be applied towards a larger job, like your garage or kitchen.  We believe that you will find our work to be swift and efficient.  Should your name be drawn and you are not local, we would then give you the option of whatever method is most comfortable for you: phone or internet.  We would like to see a picture of your problem area and then we will prepare a solution catered to your specific needs and ability.  This may not sound conventional, but we have had great success at long distance coaching and are certain that you will feel a great benefit from the work we can help you accomplish.

Enough of that, you came here to see who won, didn’t you?  We will have 3 (three) winners based on the number of fans we have listed during the contest period.  Here we go….
*drum roll*

1  Kelli Conlan

*applause, followed by hushed silence to hear the next winner*

2  Mae Ryan

*applause followed by hushed silence and the sounds of fingers everywhere crossing because there is only ONE left*

3  Johnny Long

*applause and the sounds of chairs scooting back while you gather your things*

Thank you everyone for participating and giving us some much needed marketing.  Let us know if you liked this contest and we’ll plan to have more.

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