Serene Spaces Giveaway

Serene Spaces is having a give away!  Are you as excited as we are?  Of course you are!  Settle down just a minute and let us tell you just how awesome this give away is.  Take a deep breath.

For every 25 fans that Serene Spaces has on our Facebook page we will give away one (1) free closet organizing job.  We will randomly select the winner(s) from the fans on Facebook.  What does this mean?  This means that if you are a local winner you will have the pleasure of our company in your home while we take care of that one closet that gives you petite panic attacks anytime you think about it.  No more shutting the door as quickly as you can to avoid the avalanche of odds and ends.

“But, Serene Spaces,” you might wonder, “I’m not local.  What’s in it for me if I win?”  Good question, long distance Facebook friend!  If you are the lucky winner, and you are not local to our office, we also offer fantastic online and phone coaching.  Just send us a picture of your task and we will walk you through the job step by step.  We have assisted many clients this way and have found it to be very effective.

Get your mouse trigger finger ready and invite your friends to be a fan of Serene Spaces.  The more the merrier.  And why are we merrier when there’s more?  Because that means more to give away and more chances to win, that’s why!

Contest ends on Monday August 23.  Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity!

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  1. Do you use Facebook? Do you know how to become a fan of something? If you can find Serene Spaces professional page you should see a “like” or “become a fan” button on that page. Then you are entered in the contest.

  2. John and Saundra Tesseyman

    This is exciting. How do we enter the contest? Decluttering our walk-in bedroom closet is a must. We need things more accessible. So it is with great need that we would like to enter the contest.

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