Mary’s Cupboard

The client:

Mary is a lovely elderly lady who lives in a small apartment. Her cupboards and furniture are full of beautiful mementos of her life. It is a joy to hear her relate stories about each piece of ceramic or vase. She truly has a full and rich life.

The problem:

Mary’s cupboard had never had an organizational plan or much done; things were just set in there any which way. We could see that this would not be a long job but the results would help Mary for a long time.

Before- Everything has been jumbled into the cupboard

After- everything has its place

The solution:

We rearranged her cupboard to make it more functional. This whole project only took about 15 minutes. Sometimes it is hard to even start a project for fear of it taking too long or too many resources to fix. We would like to dispel that notion. With a determined organizer at your side you can tackle all projects and finish them quickly with great results.

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