Roxanne’s Closet

The client:

Roxanne is a librarian at a local school.  Her storage closet is overwhelming her with clutter, and she needs to keep part of the closet clear for access to electrical panels.

The problem:

The closet has large posters that need to be stored properly, costumes languishing in disarray, and a shelf full of cables and headphones.



The solution:

We bought a hanging hook for the costumes, a bin for the cables, and labeled and sorted all the boxes.  We helped Roxanne to sort through her items and decide what to give away.  We also found a great way to store all the posters in a system that Roxanne can use in the future to find and put her posters back when she’s finished with them.  In the end we had a fun closet that helped her to feel peace when she entered it.  We also only spent about $15 total.

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