Mimi’s Closet

The saddest part about losing weight is that you have to go buy new clothes. The best part about losing weight is that you’re skinnier! And for most of us, that’s a good thing! Our client Mimi is in the process of losing weight. She therefore knew she had some clothes she could give away, so before I got to her house she sorted and got rid of everything she didn’t want. This left ample space for us to organize and arrange the things she did want to keep. We brainstormed a way to store her shoes, a way to make the closet more accessible, and a way to store the clothes that weren’t hanging clothes. It was a lot of fun and in just two hours we changed the look of the closet completely.

Before: There are shelves hiding that can't be accessed very well...

After: Lo and behold! The shelves have breathing room and are easy to get into!

We are excited for Mimi to reach her weight loss goal and fill up her super-organized closet with some beautiful new things!

Time elapsed: two hours

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