About Us

by Cutie Pie Photography

Sarah Schopp has been living in Austin, Texas since 2001.  She has been organizing projects since she could walk.  Her siblings like to make fun of her when she goes into organizing mode.  Sarah knows how it is to live in chaos.  She was raised in a house with a family that had a lot of clutter but even more love.  Through this she learned that even though clutter can overwhelm us, we can still live and love.  She also learned that clutter can be a point of contention between family members, and that it can take a long time to dig out of a cluttered lifestyle.

In her personal home, Sarah still fights with papers on a regular basis.  After all, who in this day and age doesn’t get 10-15 pieces of paper clutter each day?  She has managed to create a system in her office that works and is easy to maintain.  She has organized every part of her house that she possibly could and is always looking for new challenges, armed with a sharpie and a label printer!

Sarah loves to look at a project and brainstorm the best ways to deal with the problem.  Her specialty is finding new ways of looking at a problem that the owner had not considered.  She has a rare talent of being able to think outside the box. A key element of her business is providing a coaching service…thereby teaching the client a system that will continue to work for them once she leaves; this includes learning the core root of how the client’s life got chaotic/cluttered. Unless that problem is solved, the patterns will keep repeating themselves.

Because of her background, she is able to be caring, compassionate, and kind when helping a client.  She is not your ordinary organizer.  She wants you to spend less money, not more, and to have a space that reflects your personality rather than the personality of a magazine.


Gretchen Allan has been living in Austin, Texas since 1997. She happily resides with her husband and three beautiful–but extremely messy–daughters in a house that always seems a little too small to contain all their belongings. She is a neat-freak at heart, but lives with a houseful of people who don’t necessarily see the benefits of organization. So she’s had to learn how to relax a little and just go with the flow. She loves helping people strike a realistic balance and find a way to embrace some of the chaos.

Even though the floors of her house may be littered with shoes, toys, or backpacks, she takes great comfort in opening cabinets and drawers and finding all the contents in perfect order. She gets pleasure and pride in knowing that everything does indeed have a place–if she could only find the time to put everything way. She’d love to help you find your own serene spaces. Gretchen and her husband have chosen to live debt-free, and they like to help others learn to live and thrive on a budget. Consequently, her organizing solutions are simple, cost-effective, and practical.