Four Reasons Why You Haven’t Decluttered Yet

1. It’s still useful; I might need it some day.

- If you haven’t used it in a year, give it away to someone else. Donate it to a thrift store of your choice, or post it for free on Craigslist or Facebook. Chances are you won’t need it again.

2. I don’t have time.

-Pack a small bag every day of things you don’t want anymore. Just use a timer and set it for 15 minutes. It’s amazing how much trash/giveaway you can find in 15 minutes. Flylady can help you establish routines if you need them!

3. I feel guilty because my (aunt/mother/friend/boss) gave it to me.

-If something doesn’t bring you joy and happiness, why keep it? That person wanted to bring you joy when they gave it to you. If it doesn’t, no problem. Donate it to a charity and you can bless someone else!

4. There’s so much clutter and stuff. I can’t figure out where to start.

-Start in the area that frustrates you the most. Set your timer for 15 minutes, and go!

Over and over I have been amazed at how simply giving away my extra stuff has really blessed other people. The other day I had the honor of helping a family with twin boys declutter. At the end we had tons of really cute shoes to donate. What fun it was to post that on Facebook and help another family out!


Five Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Suppose you’ve just found out you have two weeks to move, and literally nothing is packed. Should you panic? Should you throw it all in the trash, or conversely into random boxes with no rhyme or reason?

Here are some tips to make things go smoothly without too much time or frustration:

Tip 1: Make a plan. Five minutes of planning can save hours on the other end. Make a diagram for the movers of where you want your items. Tell your packers what your priorities are. Decide what items are essential for daily life and what you can wait to look at for a few weeks.

Tip 2: Label your boxes according to plan. Of course you want to write what’s basically in them, but for example, if you are moving things to multiple locations or rooms, code your boxes with numbers for where the items will go and how important they are. 1 for “immediately needed at the new place”, 2 for “send to new place but don’t need right away” and 3 for “storage”. Then you can tell the movers some basic rules about those 1, 2, or 3 boxes and your life will be much easier the day of move in.

Label your boxes with large numbers, coded for their final destination.

Tip 3: Don’t spend too much time on this end sorting papers and small things. Make a large rule, like “keep all papers until I can sort later” or “all stuffed animals can be donated”. This information can be communicated to whoever is packing with you and you can get much more done.

Tip 4: You will need more boxes than you thought and more supplies than you thought. Look for free boxes on Craigslist or used boxes at Get lots of small and medium size because heavy things should go in small boxes.

Tip 5: Donate whatever you can easily donate. Put out an ad on Craigslist for all the free things in your driveway. Try to get rid of as much as possible so you don’t ever have to deal with those items again. Items that will bring more than $100 can be sold, but try not to spend too much time on that when you’re frantically packing boxes.

Bonus Tip: If you’re overwhelmed, call an organizer. We can often make a plan or help you just a little bit. $50 or $100 spent on an organizer can save you tons of time and frustration.


Closet Design

A lovely lady asked me to help her design her dream closet. So we went and sat in her new closet and dreamed up exciting ways to make her closet the best ever.


We had a great time, and I hope to work with her in the future to customize her new house.


Baby Clothing

We all know the “right” way to store baby clothes- by size.

But we also know how tired, worn-out, and stressed for time a new mama is. How hard it can be to get dressed each day, much less organize your life.


Here’s a tip: instead of waiting until the perfect time when all the outgrown clothes are together and sorted by size, simply have a small plastic bag in your laundry room. When you wash an item that is outgrown, stick it in the bag. When the bag is full, tie it up and date it. Stick in in your storage area and start a new bag. When your next baby comes along or when you decide to give away the clothes, simply look for the earliest dated bag, and you know that it will have the smallest clothes in it.