“Sarah Schopp was our consultant in the organization of our children’s ministry library! What a gift she is! Sarah supplied us with a fast and easy way to label and file over 600 books, and we are so grateful! ” –Denise

“Serene Spaces encouraged me by seeing all my STUFF hidden in our bedroom (without laughing), and letting me know that it is possible to clean it out and conquer the mess.  I have made up my mind to put most everything on ebay.  So far I have listed close to 80 items, and sold 20!  I am still in the listing process, and I average selling around 7 items per week.  I probably have at least 40 more items to list.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I also enjoy the extra cash.”  –Matilda

“Sarah was a breath of fresh air. She helped me at a point where I was very overwhelmed. She came in with no judgment and helped me come up with a plan for my paper clutter and organize my areas where junk collected. I highly recommend her skills.”  –Nicole

“Sarah helped me tackle a longtime trouble spot in my home- the downstairs closet.  Utilizing her talent for organization, I was able to transform it from a jumbled mess to an orderly space for my children’s toys.  She also helped me get the most out of the storage space in my kitchen.  Thanks Sarah!” –Jennifer

“My “organization” project was a bit out of the ordinary, since what I needed help with was creating a garden.  But Sarah jumped right in to help me create what I envisioned, and gave me great advice and help in getting everything started.  I loved getting a written plan from her that I could take with me to do my shopping, and then having her there with me to do the actual planting.  I can’t wait to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables, as it were) of our labor!”  –Alyson

“Serene Spaces’ advice gave me a new set of eyes. I gave some things new homes instead of just fixing how they looked.  It’s prettier ;) Thanks again.”  –Kimmie

“I hired Serene Spaces to help me with packing for a move.  The price was a very pleasant surprise and unpacking was incredibly easy because of how neatly and orderly everything was arranged.  I will definitely be using their services again in the future.”  –Amy


“Serene Spaces is fantastic for internet/phone help.  I took pictures of my problem space (laundry room) and received quick and helpful tips that were tailored to my needs and budget.  They stuck with me and coached me through the entire project until I had a clean, usable space.  I highly recommend them to anyone; local or long distance.” –Christy L.


I have three sons and they have three separate dressers for all their clothing.  I thought this would be enough to keep it all organized, but it turns out that my Mommy brain could only go as far as washing, folding and putting away the clothing.  I had no way of discerning if the dinosaur t-shirt that my six year old wore last year went to my five year old’s dresser, or my three year old’s dresser.  Before long, my lack of order meant that I had to be available to assist the boys with each morning’s getting dressed routine because the poor boys were just as confused as I was.  It took Serene Spaces all of one hour, and one Sharpie, to get me settled with a system that worked wonders and made it a snap to organize the hand-me-downs without confusing what belongs to whom.  Sometimes the solutions that are so simple and obvious are foreign to the unorganized brain.  I highly recommend Serene Spaces to help anyone get over the fog of not knowing how to get started.  The household peace it brings is well worth it. – Rose B.


Sarah was a fantastic assistant to the mother of the bride at our recent wedding – from planning the reception, shopping and decorating, to calming a very nervous bride just hours before the event, she went above and beyond in every way.  Thank you for the serenity you bring to all our lives. -Maria