Organizing Kid Projects

If your kids are anything like mine, they go through stages of what they are really into. Right now my kids are into three things: origami, coloring cards for Christmas, and homework. Well they probably don’t want to be “into” homework but they have to be. So rather than putting all of those supplies back in the office every day, and also to respect my husband’s space as he works in the office, we are making little stations for those activities in the living room, where the kids hang out.


I have been a little puzzled as to how to implement this properly over the last few weeks, because each project takes up so much space. Finally I looked at the entertainment cabinet, which is not really full at all, and realized that I could use the space where all of our millions of movies and CDs would be if we had millions. There’s big shelves under there, it’s easily accessible to the kids, and there are doors so the clutter can hide.


So this morning I will be rearranging the movies and CDs to make room for my kids’ projects, and hopefully all of us will win in this situation.


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Julie’s Art Studio

Julie is a lovely, creative lady we have had the honor of working with recently. She is an artist in many various mediums. Her clutter has been holding her back from her artistic outlet, so she called me in to help her with her art studio.

Before: Her office papers are leaking over into the creative part of her room.

After: The creative juices have room to flow in this well-lit and peaceful space.

Julie’s art studio is also the office/bill pay room, so we needed to create a visually pleasing area for her art as well as corralling all her papers and art supplies. We set in place some habits and routines to deal with the influx of papers, and sorted through her art supplies to keep only those most inspiring and beautiful.

We are excited to see what gorgeous art comes out of this new studio.