Mimi’s Closet

The saddest part about losing weight is that you have to go buy new clothes. The best part about losing weight is that you’re skinnier! And for most of us, that’s a good thing! Our client Mimi is in the process of losing weight. She therefore knew she had some clothes she could give away, so before I got to her house she sorted and got rid of everything she didn’t want. This left ample space for us to organize and arrange the things she did want to keep. We brainstormed a way to store her shoes, a way to make the closet more accessible, and a way to store the clothes that weren’t hanging clothes. It was a lot of fun and in just two hours we changed the look of the closet completely.

Before: There are shelves hiding that can't be accessed very well...

After: Lo and behold! The shelves have breathing room and are easy to get into!

We are excited for Mimi to reach her weight loss goal and fill up her super-organized closet with some beautiful new things!

Time elapsed: two hours


Elementary School’s Attic

Today we tackled a school attic that was in dire need of cleaning out. According to fire code there are supposed to be three pathways clear across the room. There were no pathways. Two teachers were hoping to find room to store some of their supplies, and there was no space.

We spent three hours organizing 3/5 of the 80 by 20 foot area (the other 2/5 was already fairly well organized).  We had three teachers in addition to myself, and three custodians hauling off all the trash.

Art/PE Area Before

Art/PE Area After

The end result was so encouraging and fresh looking! We found some items that had been lost in the shuffle that teachers wanted to use. We found a lot of items that were old, broken, or obsolete. We found about 12 boxes of blocks (evidently blocks are out of fashion this year but still valuable). We found very sturdy and well-made carnival games that hadn’t been used in years. And we found some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wooden cutouts.

Kinder/PreK Area Before

Kinder/PreK Area After

Serene Spaces was very proud of the teachers and principal we worked with. They were all ready and motivated to get rid of all the things that were broken or unnecessary, and they were very happy to have the space organized. We were so thankful for the custodians who helped us carry all the trash to the dumpster.

Trash Pile 2

Trash Pile 1

As you can see from the pictures, we were able to make very large pathways for the fire code, and we will paint the paths so that no one stores things in those areas anymore.

Files Area After

It was a really great day!


Lucy’s Kitchen

The client:

Lucy is a lovely lady who doesn’t have a natural talent for organizing. She decided to learn more about how to make her house work better for her. She has a nice big kitchen with lots of cupboard space. She was also ready to sell some things at a garage sale.

The problem:

Lucy had not sat down and thought about which cupboard would work best for different items. She also had some items that she wasn’t using which were taking up space.

We found some extra empty bins in her house that we could use to help sort the items, and we also went through and found some things to sell at a garage sale. It’s amazing what you can do in just a few minutes with a few dollars. The biggest challenge in Lucy’s kitchen was deciding where everything should go and what would work best for her family. Once we decided that it was a matter of just moving things to their new places.

Before, both sides


After, right side

Our box of garage sale items was full!

After a long day of sorting we were ready to have a break.


Candace’s Closet

The client:

Candace has moved into a new house and she is busily trying to make everything fit. She has a great sense of style and order already. She was getting overwhelmed with the last few boxes that she needed to fit into the closet.

The problem:

Candace got a great start on her closet and then stalled. She had too many boxes left to fit in nicely, and ended up with a pile of stuff on the floor. We all know how frustrating it can be to have stuff all over your floor! It steals your joy and is visually overwhelming. Candace was willing to use items she already had as containers.

Before- stacks on the floor

After- floor is clear

Before- shelves are used inefficiently

After- All space is used wisely

The solution:

We took a good look at all the shelves in her closet and figured out how to fit everything in nicely. We found containers in other parts of the house and made labels for her boxes. Sometimes something as simple as having matching labels on everything makes all the difference. We were able to clear the floor pile and arrange all the things in her closet to Candace’s content. This project took about 2 hours of organizer time plus a few hours of Candace working on her own.