Martha’s Clothes Closet

Before: Isn't it amazing how a messy floor steals your peace?

After: Keeping things off the floor is the first step to helping your brain stay organized.

Martha has impeccable taste in clothing, and when we saw her closet we knew she would be able to give away some of her clothes while still having a really nice wardrobe.  She was able to find over 50 items that she didn’t want any more, which meant she could clear off the floor, hang everything up, and store other items in her closet instead.

Remember when you sort a room or a closet that it won’t stay that way unless it’s easy to maintain. If it takes a few minutes to remember what your system is, and if you’re constantly having to explain it to others, you won’t be able to maintain it very easily. A storage solution should be second nature. If you’re having problems figuring out how to store something, call us and we can help you out!


Candace’s Closet

The client:

Candace has moved into a new house and she is busily trying to make everything fit. She has a great sense of style and order already. She was getting overwhelmed with the last few boxes that she needed to fit into the closet.

The problem:

Candace got a great start on her closet and then stalled. She had too many boxes left to fit in nicely, and ended up with a pile of stuff on the floor. We all know how frustrating it can be to have stuff all over your floor! It steals your joy and is visually overwhelming. Candace was willing to use items she already had as containers.

Before- stacks on the floor

After- floor is clear

Before- shelves are used inefficiently

After- All space is used wisely

The solution:

We took a good look at all the shelves in her closet and figured out how to fit everything in nicely. We found containers in other parts of the house and made labels for her boxes. Sometimes something as simple as having matching labels on everything makes all the difference. We were able to clear the floor pile and arrange all the things in her closet to Candace’s content. This project took about 2 hours of organizer time plus a few hours of Candace working on her own.


Roxanne’s Closet

The client:

Roxanne is a librarian at a local school.  Her storage closet is overwhelming her with clutter, and she needs to keep part of the closet clear for access to electrical panels.

The problem:

The closet has large posters that need to be stored properly, costumes languishing in disarray, and a shelf full of cables and headphones.



The solution:

We bought a hanging hook for the costumes, a bin for the cables, and labeled and sorted all the boxes.  We helped Roxanne to sort through her items and decide what to give away.  We also found a great way to store all the posters in a system that Roxanne can use in the future to find and put her posters back when she’s finished with them.  In the end we had a fun closet that helped her to feel peace when she entered it.  We also only spent about $15 total.


Valerie’s Closet and Bedroom

The Client:

Valerie is a very sweet teenaged girl who is trying to make her room more functional for an adult. She has many wonderful mementoes from her childhood and she’s in the process of figuring out what she wants to keep forever and what she’s ready to let go of. She’s also in a new space that is smaller than her old room.

The Problem:

Valerie’s closet is smaller than her old closet, and she was feeling cramped. Valerie also had a lot of things that she would like to keep for the future but she doesn’t necessarily want to display them right now.  She had two drawers, jewelry, and clothes that were really frustrating her because she didn’t know what to do with them.

Before- sagging shelves and cluttered surfaces

After- clothes have room, clutter is diminished

The Solution:

We spent two hours in her room, sorting through some boxes and rearranging her closet space to be more functional.  We found temporary solutions for her jewelry, with a plan of something better in the future. We also filled a box with things to sell at a garage sale.

This solution turned out to be very helpful for Valerie. Though we only had two hours, we were able to give her some immediate solutions that didn’t cost anything. Sometimes our budget and timeframe don’t line up with what we can afford. In those cases isolating the most frustrating areas is helpful; you get immediate results and you also get plans for the future. In this case just a few small tweaks really helped Valerie’s room to work better for her.