Martha’s Clothes Closet

Before: Isn't it amazing how a messy floor steals your peace?

After: Keeping things off the floor is the first step to helping your brain stay organized.

Martha has impeccable taste in clothing, and when we saw her closet we knew she would be able to give away some of her clothes while still having a really nice wardrobe.  She was able to find over 50 items that she didn’t want any more, which meant she could clear off the floor, hang everything up, and store other items in her closet instead.

Remember when you sort a room or a closet that it won’t stay that way unless it’s easy to maintain. If it takes a few minutes to remember what your system is, and if you’re constantly having to explain it to others, you won’t be able to maintain it very easily. A storage solution should be second nature. If you’re having problems figuring out how to store something, call us and we can help you out!