Angela’s Craft Room

Angela is a momma who loves to sew, loves to scrapbook, and loves to do crafts with her kiddos.  She is lucky enough to have a room to store and work on all of these things, but it has been a while since she went through and sorted all of her items. She is saving items for a garage sale. We were able to find two big bins of things to put in the garage sale and two bins of trash. We sorted and cleared the areas where things had piled up so that there would be space for her to do her scrapbooking, crafting, and sewing again. Kristen was great about choosing things that she didn’t need any more. We made a lot of progress in two hours!

One thing Angela and I talked about was “some day” projects. If you are storing things for “some day”, supplies for a project you might like to do, but haven’t found the time to do it in the past few years, then perhaps you are a “some day” saver.

It’s okay to have hobbies that you love to do, but if you find yourself surrounded with items that you really don’t love and really don’t use, perhaps it’s time to get rid of some of those “some day” items. This can help you have room to do the things you really want to do!

Time elapsed: two hours


Linda’s Fabric

The client:

Linda has been sewing for years.  She is an expert seamstress and loves to quilt, bead, and sew dresses for her granddaughter.  She is in an apartment that allows her a craft room.  We are slowly helping her transform that room into a wonderful workspace for all her different projects.

The problem:

Linda had three or four big bins of fabric that were all jumbled.  Every time she wanted to work on a project she had to pull all the bins out and sort our what she wanted.

The solution:

We spent an hour and $15.  We bought shoe box size bins and sorted the quilting fabric by color and put each color in its own bin.  We then labeled clearly what was inside.