Sue’s Closets and Spare Room

The client:

Sue is a very sweet lady who has never really learned to organize.  This is putting a stress on her relationship with her husband because he is very organized.  She has a great house with lots of awesome closets.

The problem:

Sue has lots of stuff that she loves, and lots of stuff that she just has.  She is ready to get rid of the things she doesn’t love, and she is really ready to get her house organized.  Each closet, and one of her spare bedrooms, has become a place to put things that don’t have a real home.  She is saving up items for a yard sale; those items take up a lot of space.


After- Baskets make a clean look


After- We reduced the clutter in this room.

The solution:

We spent five hours working on three closets and the spare room.  One closet was small- we chose to make that a gift closet.  The other closets really just needed a system.  We spent some time talking about her goals for each room and then got to work sorting and putting things into nice bins.  Sue has all the supplies already purchased; she knew she needed containers but once she bought them she didn’t know what to do with them.  We are slowly using up her stash of bins and containers.

Sue is well on her way to organization.  She is receptive to changing her habits and willing to work on “assignments” when Serene Spaces isn’t there to help her.  There are some boxes she needs to take time to sort through on her own.