Lucy’s Kitchen

The client:

Lucy is a lovely lady who doesn’t have a natural talent for organizing. She decided to learn more about how to make her house work better for her. She has a nice big kitchen with lots of cupboard space. She was also ready to sell some things at a garage sale.

The problem:

Lucy had not sat down and thought about which cupboard would work best for different items. She also had some items that she wasn’t using which were taking up space.

We found some extra empty bins in her house that we could use to help sort the items, and we also went through and found some things to sell at a garage sale. It’s amazing what you can do in just a few minutes with a few dollars. The biggest challenge in Lucy’s kitchen was deciding where everything should go and what would work best for her family. Once we decided that it was a matter of just moving things to their new places.

Before, both sides


After, right side

Our box of garage sale items was full!

After a long day of sorting we were ready to have a break.


Mary’s Cupboard

The client:

Mary is a lovely elderly lady who lives in a small apartment. Her cupboards and furniture are full of beautiful mementos of her life. It is a joy to hear her relate stories about each piece of ceramic or vase. She truly has a full and rich life.

The problem:

Mary’s cupboard had never had an organizational plan or much done; things were just set in there any which way. We could see that this would not be a long job but the results would help Mary for a long time.

Before- Everything has been jumbled into the cupboard

After- everything has its place

The solution:

We rearranged her cupboard to make it more functional. This whole project only took about 15 minutes. Sometimes it is hard to even start a project for fear of it taking too long or too many resources to fix. We would like to dispel that notion. With a determined organizer at your side you can tackle all projects and finish them quickly with great results.