Kimmie’s Continued Declutter Project and Upcoming Contest

Kimmie has continued to do amazing things at her house.  She has covered both of the kids rooms, the kitchen, and the attic so far.  It really is astonishing what people can do on their own.  If you feel you need an added helper for your organizing projects, feel free to call us.

You can see some of Kimmie’s progress here, here, and here.  I want to quote something she wrote because many of us are in this place of discouragement, of thinking that no one else has the problems we have.  She was brave enough to show her pictures to the world.

While editing the pictures of the kitchen declutter, I realized how completely embarrassing this whole thing is. I mean, do I really want people to see into this gross part of me? I’m human after all. I think that there are more messy and cluttered homes than there are neat and tidy ones. So, for some this may be like looking at your own home and hopefully it will inspire you and help you. For others you may be disgusted. It’s better late than never to get things under control.

As if I haven’t said it before, I’m so tired of living among all of this stuff. I’m tired of feeling defeated and depressed. I’m tired of seeing piles of clutter. I’m sick opening doors and cabinets only to see chaos. I want a warm, cozy, nice home for my family to live in. How could I let it get so out of control? Why have I allowed my family to live like this? It’s because of my own slothfulness and laziness. I’ve been praying that the Lord will help me to overcome these bad traits. I’m praying for a servants heart, to serve my family and provide the most loving environment possible for them. I don’t want my daughters to someday keep their own homes this way. I’m not seeking perfection, just a “company ready” home. How will God ever see fit to bless me with a larger home if I’m not a good steward of the one He’s already given?

I am so proud of Kimmie for getting her home under control.

Also in the next week we will be announcing a contest for free organizing help.  Stay tuned!


Molly’s Second Bookshelf

To learn more about Molly and her decluttering project, follow this link.


Originally this lovely Container Store shelf held a large stereo on the first above the books.  The stereo is no more, and the DVD player requires considerably less space.  But the movie box and the basket for remotes look out of place on the DVD player, and the steering wheels are out of control.  Where does that travel case for movies belong?  It needs to be with the other movies on this shelf, but where?  There is definitely room for improvement here.

Before- Molly's shelf doesn't need too much attention, but a little bit would be nice.

After- Everything is looking more happy and in its place.


Things are definitely looking better.  We cleared the top of the shelf and left a few carefully chosen items.  Then we added additional shelves, which resulted in a more efficient use of space and eliminated the cavernous uselessness above the DVD player.  We installed more boxes for movies, straightened the books, and found a more comfy place for the baby doll to sleep.  Molly wanted to delineate between the movies she owned and the movies she had borrowed from others, so she made a different space for borrowed movies.  Cost: $80 for shelves, $17 for boxes.


Kimmie’s Declutter Project

Our client Kimmie has decided to do a 500 pound declutter project.  We know this will bless her life immensely.  So many times the things in your house are suffocating you and you might not even realize it.

Our philosophy is: make sure you know how much space something needs to take up in your house, and then keep that item within its limits.  Kimmie has a limit for her dressup clothes for her girls and it was overflowing.  So she sorted through them and got rid of the old, too-small, and torn clothes.

What is suffocating you today?  What is in your house that you have “just because” or “just in case” or “it’s too much to deal with”?

Call us and we will help you sort to keep the most precious and wonderful things in your house.

Read about Kimmie’s first day of her project here.


Molly’s Bookshelf

The client:

Molly has three lovely children and a lot of books.

The problem:

Molly had a bookshelf that was really bothering her.  After a 15 minute phone consultation we were able to get to the bottom of the matter and give her some solutions.

Before- Too many items means the beauty is hidden

After- everything is neat and orderly, and the decorations stand out

The solution:

A big part of staying organized is taking the time to put your things where they belong every time you use them instead of putting them somewhere “for now.”

Molly even found some money lurking on that shelf from who knows when?

She was inspired by what we had to say and didn’t even spend any money.  After a few hours of work her shelf looked lovely.