Kimmie’s Laundry Room

The Client:

Kimmie is a very busy mom of lots of little ones.  She has very limited storage in her house.  She lives in California but we consulted over the internet to solve her organizing problem.

The Problem:

Kimmie stores cleaning and laundry supplies, garage items, and overstock of her pantry and toiletries in her laundry area and hall closet.  She has so little space that it is hard to fit everything in the boundaries.

Before- everything is mixed together

After- notice the empty space on the shelf

Before- some organizing has already started

After- every item has a home

The Solution:

We looked at the categories and created a sorting and labeling system.  Now Kimmie can find what she needs quickly.  She even created an area of beauty and decoration and found some empty space for future purchases.