Julie’s Art Studio

Julie is a lovely, creative lady we have had the honor of working with recently. She is an artist in many various mediums. Her clutter has been holding her back from her artistic outlet, so she called me in to help her with her art studio.

Before: Her office papers are leaking over into the creative part of her room.

After: The creative juices have room to flow in this well-lit and peaceful space.

Julie’s art studio is also the office/bill pay room, so we needed to create a visually pleasing area for her art as well as corralling all her papers and art supplies. We set in place some habits and routines to deal with the influx of papers, and sorted through her art supplies to keep only those most inspiring and beautiful.

We are excited to see what gorgeous art comes out of this new studio.


Deborah’s Office/Craft Room

Deborah really loves markers, and pens, and fun foam, and craft supplies of all types. Her specialty is teaching small children about the world and helping them to love learning. As we worked with her we could tell she was an awesome teacher. Her heart is with her little ones and providing them with an enriching experience is important to her.

Before: Chaos is the first thing you see.

After: View from doorway: peace

On the other hand, the items Deborah has to store to teach the toddlers were overtaking her office. She was starting to feel like she was drowning in clutter, and she couldn’t find the things she needed quickly so she would have to go buy more.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Before: The piles of boxes hold treasure inside

After: All the office supplies are beautifully organized and ready to go!

We spent a half hour talking about what her goals were for the room. We decided to rearrange the room so that she could have a bit of a storage area for her boxes of supplies without them being visible from the door of her room. This combined with sorting and purging gave her office space a great makeover in just 6 hours. We were proud of Deborah because she was ready to give away items that she knew she wouldn’t need any more, and she was ready to throw away items that wouldn’t be useful to others. We made a lot of progress and her husband was happy to see the new room!

Perhaps now they can play the piano in their new office area.

Before: The piano is almost hidden by clutter.

After: The piano is ready for music!

Time elapsed: six hours


Roxanne’s Closet

The client:

Roxanne is a librarian at a local school.  Her storage closet is overwhelming her with clutter, and she needs to keep part of the closet clear for access to electrical panels.

The problem:

The closet has large posters that need to be stored properly, costumes languishing in disarray, and a shelf full of cables and headphones.



The solution:

We bought a hanging hook for the costumes, a bin for the cables, and labeled and sorted all the boxes.  We helped Roxanne to sort through her items and decide what to give away.  We also found a great way to store all the posters in a system that Roxanne can use in the future to find and put her posters back when she’s finished with them.  In the end we had a fun closet that helped her to feel peace when she entered it.  We also only spent about $15 total.


Elena’s Office

The client:

Elena has been trying for years to get her office to a place that would work for her family.  With two adults and two children and millions of papers every day, the family needed to find a way to deal with those papers.  She loves bright colors and wanted her space to look classy and pretty as well as functional.

The problem and solution:

This corner is full of projects, artwork, and documents to be archived. It was the most frustrating for Elena because there were a lot of things that couldn’t really be thrown out or moved to another room. There was a huge pile in the corner that really bugged her.



Here is the same corner organized. Many of the art supplies have been put into different bins than before. The family history documents were moved to the attic and the historical pictures were put in boxes and later we’ll tell you where we hid them in the office. Eventually the plan is to scan all of those pictures and store them online.

Ever since we did this to the top of the file cabinet it’s stayed uncluttered. I mostly kept the file cabinet the same but put it into the other corner.



Here is the same corner- we moved the shelf from the entryway and the table and chairs from the kitchen. We basically pulled all the black furniture from around the house.

The desk is actually functioning pretty well right now despite the papers everywhere. That organizer is working nicely. It could use improvement though.



We’ve moved most of the things that used to be on the surface of the desk to the shelves behind the desk. It still gets cluttered here but not nearly as badly. We got the shelves from Elena’s sister for free because she was moving. We spent a little money on containers for the supplies. The wire organizer holds all the papers that Elena deals with often. The black organizer is for the papers her husband deals with. Ideally that’s where all the papers go until they are filed or thrown away. The lower part of the shelves are hidden by the desk, and that’s where all the pictures to be scanned are hidden. We hope to have a little more money soon so we can send the rest in to Fotobridge.

This corner holds magazines and office supplies. Elena was not fond of it.

Corner 3 Before


This corner is the biggest change. Elena no longer stores any boxes or piles of papers on the floor. Everything is up off the floor so that she can glance around and see carpet. It’s very nice. Elena’s great-grandmother painted the painting of the baby.

When choosing the color of the walls we took into consideration the colors already in Elena’s house and the fact that it needed to bring in some warmth. We knew with all this black furniture that she needed a strong color to balance it. It looked very bright originally but with all the black it’s toned down.

The red is reflected in the curtains, and the green is similar to the kitchen color…



Overall we paid about $375 for everything, including furniture, organizing boxes, and paint and painting supplies. The IKEA shelf was $85, and then we probably spent another $70 on nice boxes. Nice boxes are so expensive. The remainder was on painting and misc supplies, some of which will be usable for other projects.