What is “disorganized”?

Different people have different tolerances for spaces in their own homes.  What may be right for one family can be completely wrong and crippling for another family.

In our experience a disorganized area  becomes a problem when the space starts to steal your peace.  If you look at your living room and shudder even when it’s clean, it may be a problem.  If you get angry and frustrated every time you need to find something in a certain closet, you may need to consider reorganizing that closet.

We work with you to find a realistic solution that will work for you and your family and that gives you peace.  It does you no good for us to tell you to throw away all of your clothes and special items!  They are your special belongings and we need to work for a system that incorporates your lifestyle and family traditions.

Another major component of organization or the lack thereof is that often the reason you are disorganized in an area is emotional.  Do you have a box of your grandmother’s things that you can’t bear to part with because you loved your grandma?  Do you have a pile of insurance papers that you can’t bring yourself to sort through because every time you look at the stack you get sad or angry?

We will help you understand why your space is problematic, and help you change your habits and deal with your issues to solve the symptom of disorganization.  If all you need is a couple hours of time to whip through that medicine cabinet, and some new ideas on how to make it work, we will do that too.

We know that there are many reasons why people are disorganized and cluttered, and we know that every home and family is different.  We will do our best to make your home a safe and happy place for you.